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I am having trouble getting back on track with my eating habits. Any suggestions on what to do?

- do the splits
- run a half marathon
- finally reach goal weight
- read 50 books this year
- run 365 miles this year
- do 30 push ups
- go binge free for 21 days
- be happy
- be friendly
- be healthy

I am changing my diet. It’s just not working. I have been trying this whole MyFitnessPal and LoseIt for the past year and I have gotten no where. I did a whole lot better when I didn’t count my calories so closely.

I deicided I am going back to that, hand written in a journal. I am going to be writing down what I eat and how many calories it is just to make sure I am not going over my goal or 1200. This being said, I am also not counting the calories of ANY fruits or vegetables. I figure if weight watchers says they don’t count, then I’m not counting them.

No one got fat by eating too many fruit.

I’ll post some of my food logs if you are interested in seeing how I am counting my food. 

Lastly, I will be weighing myself every SUNDAY, to make sure that this method is working. At this moment in time I am trying to find something I can stick to forever! Harder than it sounds.

Thanks for reading.

XOXO ToCallHerBeautiful

PS. I have a Fitocracy, and will be posting my workout there still.

Shitty first half training run! Long way to go!

My new bike :)