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How will you get better?

How will you get better?

A support system is huge, find friends that motivate you rather than bring you down.

A support system is huge, find friends that motivate you rather than bring you down.

My “Skinny” Box

This of this as a Time Capsule. I will open it again when I reach my goal weight of 130. I put 5 items in the box that I like. Many I only want to wear when I am at my goal weight. 

Feel free to create your own Time Capsule. Decorate it with pictures of your dream body, or motivation quotes.


5 Women with Amazing Bodies Part 1

Hello, so this post is for myself. This is a way I am going to become responsible for my actions. I have been horrible in my diet and exercise now it is time to change, time to reconstruct myself. I have a deadline of 3 months. I was to have changed my eating habits and exercise habits by my Half Marathon at the end of August. I believe that will be a great way to celebrate my new life style.

My Reconstuction is made of Four Parts.

  • My Diet
  • My Exercise
  • My Physical Appearance
  • My Mental/Spiritual Being

My Goals:


  • Cut out sugar
  • Eat Healthy
  • Eat when Hungry
  • Follow ToneitUp Diet Plan


  • Run a Half Marathon in Two Hours
  • Do the Splits
  • 30 Push Ups
  • 5 Minute Plank
  • Swim consecutively for 30 Minutes


  • Healthy Hair
  • Healthy Skin
  • Strong Nails

*most will change with diet, but I also want to do what I can to help this.


  • Read Every Week
  • Take More Baths
  • Do Yoga Once a Week
  • Do What Make Me Happy

These are the four areas in which I want to improve. Notice I didn’t say “I want to be this weight by…” I obviously still have a goal weight in mind, but rather than stuggle towards a goal weight I want to work towards a lifestyle. However, I will be weighing myself to help keep track of my diet and exercise decisions.

Thanks for reading.

XOXO ToCallHerBeautiful

I skipped my run this morning because it was snowing and I felt super tired. When I got home I decided I wasn’t going to use my excuses anymore and went for my 6 mile run.

I ended up:

  • running my fastest mile
  • running my fastest 5k
  • running my fastest 1k
  • running my longest run
  • running my farthest run
  • and I beat the zombies

I am super proud of myself, go me!