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- do the splits
- run a half marathon
- finally reach goal weight
- read 50 books this year
- run 365 miles this year
- do 30 push ups
- go binge free for 21 days
- be happy
- be friendly
- be healthy

My light reading for the week. I love this Encyclopedia of Sports and Fitness (I think some people at my school have it as a textbook - I should have taken that course)

I’m not sure what kind of Certification I want to get.

I could become a Personal Trainer

or I could teach Fitness Classes

plus I also want a Nutrition and Wellness Certification.

I’d love to know what you think.

I have gone 14 days without Soda.


For a long time I drank diet soda because I was addicted to it and it made me feel fuller when I wanted to binge and it held off the need to eat. I then started to see picture of girls my height and weight but I did not look like them. I would go to bed every night super bloated hating my body and feeling like I had done nothing in improving it.

So I decided I would try to go one week without pop. Within just a few days I felt and saw such a difference in my body, I go to bed liking what I see because I am no longer crazy bloated. Now I don’t even want pop if it is going to do that to me.

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU: Go one week with out pop, I swear you will feel amazing.

I am in love with Hot Yoga!

I am in love with Hot Yoga!

I have decided to not count my calories or point of whatever for the next month. I AM TERRIFIED! I just want to try to give healthy eating and exercising without over doing it a go. Any advice?